There’s No Easy Way to Say This but…


I mean, I realize how odd it is that I went from consistently sharing my weekly NFL picks and offering up a power rankings of sorts to the Houdini around Week 7! Yup, there he went (again), fading into the shadows. There’s no easy way of apologizing for it; you need your content and I, self-professed, am one of the million mouthpieces out there in the blogoverse (it’s no longer just a sphere, people, this thing is a fully matured universe now) who believes that I can offer you some of that content to feed that most earnest of fixes. Funny thing is, I was commenting in longwinded forum comment threads and on facebook fan groups in such volume, I could have written a George RR Martin book let alone maintain this here blog… smh @ misdirected wordsmithing

But, see, if you’re gonna read my blog, you’re going to have to come with some goggles and your big boy undies because I don’t sugarcoat my words and I only speak the truth; something increasingly rare these days in the sports world. I can’t sit here and promise you that I’m the realest, baddest blogger dude out there but I can promise you that I’ll be honest even if I’m not going to remember to blog nearly as often as I should (see, there’s this other Waleed Hawatky who makes music under the pen name zyko and he has to blog and tweet about that noise[literally] and entertain people and yadda yadda #boring-non-awesome-things).

I’m not pulling any punches on calling out massive, tentacled operations like the NFL and their mockery of the beautiful game of football. You can check out the letter I wrote in response to Josh Gordon’s letter to Charles Barkley on (I’ll be posting it here as soon as I hit publish on this puppy), for example. That’s the kind of literary brutality you can brace yourself for. Like Braveheart headsmashing, crotch punching, limb-removal brutality.

Summing it up: I’ve been gone for far too long, I’m sorry, I’m back and I’m going to make it count.
Kinda like a 2nd and goal in the waning seconds of a Super Bowl down by less than a score with an X-Men for a running back …

Owww… too soon?



Dig it.


Making the Jump: Introductions and the sort

There is an old saying that being a jack of all trades but a master of none was a faulty disposition.

For most of my life, I was a pretty decent test case for that. Looking back, I wish I was more aware of the fact that letting my fleeting attention span shift manically from one thing to another would end up a victim of time. In reduced time (as age shows us time and time again) our ability to dedicate chunks of our lives to all of our interests decreases rapidly. I don’t think I realized that I couldn’t be a rock star, a great writer, and a professional athlete all at once. I certainly couldn’t also be a great geneticist… or a successful insurance agent, for example. It became painfully clear as my life moved forward that I had addressed none of the things I was actually good at and constantly had a sick obsession with gaining new interests and abilities. Almost like leveling up in a freakin videogame except without the reset button in case you screw up. I had attained a painful level of mediocrity across the board by having not focused on anything long enough to have become good at it. I simply didn’t play enough baseball, didn’t write enough, didn’t study enough, didn’t practice making music enough… yet I saw those around me with just as much ambition but with a focused sense of it, succeed at those same things I wanted to.

However, the one thing that stayed relatively constant throughout the entire maddening endless metamorphosis was my penchant for writing. Naturally, even when I wrote music I was writing and I’ve never really actually seen the difference inside my head so I’m assuming they’re extremely similar processes (at least fundamentally). The decision to go back to school for journalism was not particularly well-received… not bad considering my track record but also not as momentous as I would have hoped it would be… still, I have the support of my family and my closest friends and that is more than enough. But enough rhetoric…

This is a sports blog although perhaps the reason I’m best served to write about sports is because I am, in fact, as purple as my elementary, middle and high school English teachers had always referred to my writing as: Purple Prose. Purple indeed… and Sport is a world of drama and action and art – those who become enamored with sports all realize it even if they don’t pronounce it. Ever notice how sports often seem rhythmic and flowing like music? I sure have.

Still, the purpose of this blog is very simple. This will be about sports. All sports because I love all sports. As it comes to me, it’ll come here and it’ll go to you.

For those who used to read my stuff back at myspace (where the rebirth of this sportswriter/analyst idea for me occurred) or (Basketball season is almost through) you’ll notice a slight difference in the blogs. Firstly, I’m cleaning it up quite a bit… I am pursuing a career in journalism and I intend to be a professional and when you write publically, you’re reaching lots of different readers and not everybody shares your style of speech. So grammar is back in! Secondly, I’m going to try and broaden the topics I hit. When I was still doing this as nothing more than a hobby, I limited myself to just NFL picks or playoff predictions. I cannot intend to be a good sports journalist and be limited in the variation of my topics. So expect a lot of different stuff.

In closing, I really just wanted to get the redtape introductions out of the way so I can get straight to the meat and potatoes. Sports analysis is a discussion not soapbox preaching so that is a direct invitation to everybody and anybody to comment and join in the talk. I love to read so do share your work with me as well. In not so much fanfare, let’s rock n roll.