NFL Week 6 Picks

Rollin’ with a slightly different style than usual… a low key, late night mad dash to the well.

Let’s see,

Bears over Jets
As I had expected, the Bears were a bit too much for the Jets in Chicago. Obviously the Jets made a run late but, all in all, their inability to do anything about the Cutler-to-Marshall express was their expected downfall.

Bengals at Bills
The Bengals still have to show us something in the passing game that will validate the preseason hype. They run the ball pretty well actually, the rookie Bernard coming in at a 4.6 ypc clip. If they feed him the rock more and untrack that passing attack, they can start to roll through their schedule. The Bills have been spirited but without Manuel, they’re as good as dead in this one.

Lions at Browns
Even if the Lions get Megatron back, he won’t be 100%. Weeden has a rare opportunity to salvage what he looked at one point to have started this pre-season as a result of Hoyer’s misfortune. I think he capitalizes on this opportunity.

Raiders at Chiefs
Call me a crazy homer all you want but the Raiders are better than anyone, including most of Raider nation, were expecting them to be. They may be getting their running backs for this game. And while the Chiefs are one of the early season surprises at 5-0, the combined record of their opponents is 7-19. Behind a steady attack on the ground, the Raiders can at worst make this interesting.

Panthers at Vikings
First off, RIP. Secondly, there should be a lot of noise and controversy on whether or not AP ought to play in this game. Either way, he will be out there and probably running with a great deal of spirit. Any initial thought that the Panthers would finally get that game from Cam Newton they’ve been waiting for is now gone because it’s almost a lock the Vikes win at home against a team that can’t seem to get their offense untracked.

Steelers at Jets
The Jets are better than I thought they’d be. Pitts has not looked good enough to win football games this year. The two squads are very similar to each other although I like what the Jets are doing with their up-and-coming offense versus what the Steelers are doing with their fading-away offense. And the Jets are at home.

Eagles at Bucs
What happened to that fancy Chip Kelly offense?? I’m not sure Foles is the guy but I think he’s functional enough in this offense to be successful against the Bucs who’ve already hit reset button by jettisoning Freeman. Which reminds me: how does an organization not assess a prospect’s attention and focus issues prior to handing them the keys to the city and better yet, put forth the effort to help him with it?

Packers at Ravens
The Packers are the toughest match the Ravens have drawn since getting spanked on opening night by the Broncos. Unfortunately for them, the same sort of paddling is due up albeit not nearly as bad. The Packers are coming out of the bye and are going to need to win to keep up with the Bears.

Rams at Texans
Neither of these teams is anything to write home about. Still, I think the Texans have more upside overall and because of their talent should pull through. The Rams on the other hand can’t seem to get any kind of offense going and it’s kinda pathetic given the fact they have the weapons.

Jags at Broncos
What’s there to say here anyway? The Broncos can put up 70 points if they wanted to. Question is when they stop playing and protect Manning from some nonsense, unnecessary injury.

Titans at Seahawks
The Titans are a surprise this year and this game would have been ten times better were Jake Locker out there. That said, this is in Seattle, the Seahawks are coming off their first loss and that’s just the wrong place for the Titans to be right now.

Saints at Patriots
The Pats have been very stubborn this season inspite of the injuries and still might not have Gronk back. Their defense is pretty good but how good will it be against Brees and co.? The Saints are tough on both sides of the ball this year too. Tough to bet against them at this point.

Cards at Niners
Last week, the Niners finally got the ground game going over the past two weeks and are winning because of it. Right now, Kaepernick is effective as a game manager and the recipe that brought the Niners to prominence is working again. Which means the Cards and their turnover prone offense is in trouble regardless of their record.

Redskins at Cowboys
Ah yes, the ol’ classic. Cowboys won’t be merciful this week even if RGIII comes out of the bye rejuvenated and with purpose. They won a game they shouldn’t have in Oakland and have otherwise looked bad. The Cowboys were good enough to go toe to toe with possibly the best offense in all of football. Their defense may be the only thing that makes RGIII look like he’s gettin back into it.

Colts at Chargers
The most glaring thing about the Chargers’ loss last week was how vulnerable they were in the air. They were relatively tough on the run but got torched in the air by an average-at-best passing team even if the Raiders are on the upswing. Andrew Luck and co. are a bit better. I still think the Chargers bounce back and play the Colts to the end of the line here. I just don’t see them winning.

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