NFL Week 7 Picks!

not as good as Michael Silver (71-19) but better than most everyone else.
Texans @ Titans
Texans are a hobbled mess and are running into a Titans team coming off a bye coming off an asswoopin’. I have a feeling the Titans make a statement as to who’s gonna wrest control of the division in the absence of Peyton Manning and dominate this game on both sides of the ball, establishing the run with CJ and getting a solid, veteran performance from Hasselbeck at home.
Bears @ Bucs
I was tempted to go with the Bucs in London but I think they got shafted in this one as they lose a “home game” to a no-advantage. The Bears might be more at home depending on the tempo that the game takes on and if it turns into a defensive showdown, Chicago will win. That isn’t to say that the surprising Bucs don’t have momentum coming off that gritty win over the Saints. I just feel that the Bears are a better suited team to win in London.
Falcons @ Lions
Hate to be the Falcons here. While they’ve shown improvement and are starting to get their running attack untracked hopefully early enough to keep up with the Saints and Bucs, they run into a Lions team coming out of a brawl with the Niners in which they came away with a loss and shakegate. The situation in the backfield isn’t looking good for them and that might be a problem moving forward but the Atlanta secondary is swiss and is gonna get shredded.
Broncos @ Dolphins
Yugh. Good jorb, Phins. There’s just no way in my mind can a team this dysfunctional hope to beat Tim Tebow in his season debut with an all day event and half time ceremony celebrating him. Some road game for the Broncos. I don’t like Tebow and like the Broncos even less but I think he rips the Dolphins up.
 Redskins @ Panthers
Cam Newton is due for another win. I’m basically going to keep saying that and picking the Panthers until they either do win a game or go 1-15
Seahawks @ Browns
Hmm, Seahawks going East for a 1:00PM road game against a Browns team that plays better at home and I’m going with the Seahawks. Honestly, both teams are nonsensically bad… this is damn near a tossup. However, I’m digging the beating they put on the Giants with Beast Mode. I might be the only person out of his mind enough to pick the hawks but they shocked me shit-free with the road win over the Giants and they can do it again. I’m going to regret this pick.
Chargers @ Jets
Wrong time to be heading out East to play the Jets methinks. They’re coming off a recharging victory over a division rival on primetime and Rex is desperately trying to find that “x factor” pulse he had the last couple of years and was missing this year and might have found a trace of it. Starting LT is a smart move. The Chargers are coming off a bye (which has been bad to most teams this year with the new rest rules) and have beaten up on mostly bottom feeders. We learn a lot about San Diego this weekend, either way but I’m leaning with the Jets to grind out an ugly one at home.
Chiefs @ Raiders
Even if Palmer doesn’t suit up (unlikely from all indications), the Raiders will run the ball down KC’s throat at home and unless Boller commits a horrendous number of mistakes, they should win. I look forward to the Raiders continuing to dominate opponents in Special Teams, as well, even without Seabass out there although automatic-from-60 will be missed. Trust, if Boller is struggling too much and there’s a risk we might lose the game, Coach will plug Palmer in. Still, another sell out crowd at the O and a definite win for
Steelers @ Cardinals
The Steelers are moving backwards and doing so fast. Mendenhall is trying to retain his elite status, Big Ben is trying to stay healthy while some of their best players are getting old or too banged up to perform. Fortunately for them, the Cards suck.
Rams @ Cowboys
This pick was a Cowboys lock before I found out that Bradford wasn’t going to be able to go. I just hope you have Steven Jackson in your fantasy leagues (I know I do!)
Packers @ Vikings
The Pack just keeps rollin, rollin, rollin. There’s nearly no chance that the Vikings with Chris Ponder newly anointed under center are going to beat A Rod and the Pack. They just might run the table, anyway. Good luck, rook
Colts @ Saints
YAWN. This game, like the Sunday Night Game, was scheduled to be something it sadly will not be. The Colts have been playing tough for 2 quarters per game and the meltdowns are cost them their first win so far this year. This just isn’t the week to be expecting it.
Ravens @ Jags
This could have been a trap game with how tenacious the Jags have been this year even despite their punchless offense if it weren’t on Monday Night. B-more rarely loses those.

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