NFL Week 8 Picks!

Bouncing back from an ugly 8-5 performance…

Jags @ Texans
I don’t know if the Texans are going to be as inept offensively as the Ravens were on Monday night. But the chances are slim. Arian Foster cannot be stopped right now and even though it is unlikely that Andre Johnson suits up, the Texans still have enough to secure the win at home.

Cardinals @ Ravens
I don’t like the Ravens’ inconsistency this year and Flacco has got to be one of the fastest declining QBs in the league right now. Still, it’s hard to imagine that they’ll fall flat on their face against soft teams in consecutive weeks. Not to mention that the Jags are a much tougher defensive unit than whatever the Cardinals are trotting out there. Ravens bounce back and smash the Cards at home.

Saints @ Rams
Another 60 point tally is possible. However, what’s more likely is that the Saints hit 40 against a Rams defense that’s better than Indy’s porous bag of bad news. Offensively, Steven Jackson might be able to also eat up enough clock to keep the point total down but ultimately, this is a road win for New Orleans .

Dolphins @ Giants
Of the winless teams, Miami will be the first (if not the only) to break through and get a win. Unfortunately for them, it won’t be this week. Giants are sneaking away with the NFC North unless the Cowboys get on a run and it’s because Eli has looked fantastic doing his best Peyton impression. Giants handle at home.

Colts @ Titans
Titans should rebound from a dismal showing last week in which they got clobbered for the second straight game. Chris Johnson is a big issue right now for Tennessee … either he’s your typical get-paid-and-stop-playing story or the lockout and holdout turned him into an ineffective running back. Either way, he is the reason the Titans can’t sustain any offense relying entirely on Hasselbeck. Fortunately for them, the Colts may very well be the worst team in all of football.

Vikings @ Panthers
This game could go either way, honestly but I am firmly on the Cam bandwagon. With some help in Carolina, the Panthers could be a solid team down the line because he is JAWESOME. Will it be enough against a Vikes team that showed a bunch of life against the super duper Packers? I think it might be if they play tough enough defense at home and get just enough stops to make the couple scores we know we’re gonna get from Cam stick.

Redskins @ Bills
The Bills, like the Lions, are starting to look a bit shaky in the mid-season after a blistering, buzzworthy start. The Bills still have offensive weapons galore and should be able to eventually break through for some big gains against a Redskins defense that, while good, should be on the field a lot with the nasty bill of health that the offense is sporting. I like the Bills at home.

Lions @ Broncos
I was tempted to go with the Broncos at home against a Lions team that can’t run the football and might be without Stafford , greatly hindering their ability to score points. Not to mention that they can’t stop the run to save their lives (strangely enough considering how imposing their defensive line is… sounds familiar to me though as a Raider fan) and all the Broncos know how to do is run the ball. That said, I watched some Tebow tape and I’m sorry folks but the dude is whack. Sure he has the heart of a lion and can win games purely off his will but he’ll be scrambling for his life with Suh and co. chasing him around all day.

Patriots @ Steelers
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the game of the week, YAWN. Maybe. There’s still that ‘Boys/Eagles tilt later in the day but no doubt this will be a battle of AFC heavyweights not yet at their twilight but close. For now, expect an air show. Neither team runs the ball well ( New England has great rushing stats but it’s usually because of the deep-rooted fear of being murdered by Brady that has invaded the league… and Pitts’Mendenhall is a lost soul right now) and both teams can be passed on. That means Big Ben and Brady are going to put on a QB clinic for us. It’ll be fun and the Steelers will prevail on maybe one or two deep bombs to Wallace and the home field Steel Curtain advantage. This one’s a close one to call and the Pats are still the class of the AFC but I’m going with the home team.

Browns @ Niners
I can’t make sense of the Browns. At moments they look like they’re going to be a consistent offense as McCoy looks like the QB I remember from college but then they have games like that FG fest they survived against the Seahawks. That won’t do against a Niners team that is totally real. Real like Paul Mooney real. Even if they play a bad game at home, I can’t imagine them losing to the Browns. I love my Raiders and hold a pretty strong disdain for the Forty Whiners but that is a legit football team headed by a psychopathic coach in an easy division, bringing respectability back to the Bay.

Bengals @ Seahawks
No home field advantage will help the Seahawks score more than 3 points against one of the more surprising defensive units in the NFL a week after scoring 3 points against a decidedly below-average defensive unit in Cleveland . Word on the street has it that Tarvaris Jackson is back under center instead of Charlie Whitehurst. Wooptydo… Dalton and company are going to get this one on the road. I respect the shit out of Michael Silver but his pick here is wrong.

Cowboys @ Eagles
Maybe this is the game of the week. They both look like they’re getting better. One of these teams will keep the mojo going; the other will likely be out of the division race. However, Philly is saddled with more urgency considering they’re 2-4, can’t risk falling to 2-5 with jack for tiebreakers… especially if the Giants roll on the Phins and improve to 5-2. This game is as important a division fight as any this week or any week. My gut is telling me that even though the Cowboys look like the better team, the Eagles are going to get it together at home and make it two in a row after losing four straight. Both teams can run the ball well but the result will come down to which one of the two dynamic QBs, Romo or Vick, will make the least mistakes. After watching Romo for years, I’ll take my chances with Vick.

Chargers @ Chiefs
Listen, I don’t like either one of these teams. I wish I could pick against them every week of every season for the rest of eternity but alas, I must be fair and one of these clowns will be victorious on Monday night. You knew this. What you didn’t know is that the Chiefs are going to beat the Chargers at home to force a three way tie atop the AFC West. I, more than anyone, know that the Chiefs are only marginally effective, their 28-0 victory over the Raiders doused in an asterix for the circumstances at Oakland ’s QB position and that the other two teams they beat both stunk even worse than the Chiefs do. However, the Chargers are lost at sea. Rivers, normally an elite signal caller, looks exhausted from carrying the team on his shoulders… maybe even hurt? Will he rebound from the mental mistakes that have plagues him uncharacteristically this year in time for Monday night? Very possible. However, the Chiefs are tough at home, have been solid defensively since the massive trucking they took the first two weeks of the season and have momentum going into a primetime showdown with a rival. I inadvertently selected the Chargers in my work pool and I furiously regret it. The Chiefs have the upper hand in this match up and will exact revenge for what was a narrow escape for the Chargers in SD a month ago.

dig it


NFL Week 7 Picks!

not as good as Michael Silver (71-19) but better than most everyone else.
Texans @ Titans
Texans are a hobbled mess and are running into a Titans team coming off a bye coming off an asswoopin’. I have a feeling the Titans make a statement as to who’s gonna wrest control of the division in the absence of Peyton Manning and dominate this game on both sides of the ball, establishing the run with CJ and getting a solid, veteran performance from Hasselbeck at home.
Bears @ Bucs
I was tempted to go with the Bucs in London but I think they got shafted in this one as they lose a “home game” to a no-advantage. The Bears might be more at home depending on the tempo that the game takes on and if it turns into a defensive showdown, Chicago will win. That isn’t to say that the surprising Bucs don’t have momentum coming off that gritty win over the Saints. I just feel that the Bears are a better suited team to win in London.
Falcons @ Lions
Hate to be the Falcons here. While they’ve shown improvement and are starting to get their running attack untracked hopefully early enough to keep up with the Saints and Bucs, they run into a Lions team coming out of a brawl with the Niners in which they came away with a loss and shakegate. The situation in the backfield isn’t looking good for them and that might be a problem moving forward but the Atlanta secondary is swiss and is gonna get shredded.
Broncos @ Dolphins
Yugh. Good jorb, Phins. There’s just no way in my mind can a team this dysfunctional hope to beat Tim Tebow in his season debut with an all day event and half time ceremony celebrating him. Some road game for the Broncos. I don’t like Tebow and like the Broncos even less but I think he rips the Dolphins up.
 Redskins @ Panthers
Cam Newton is due for another win. I’m basically going to keep saying that and picking the Panthers until they either do win a game or go 1-15
Seahawks @ Browns
Hmm, Seahawks going East for a 1:00PM road game against a Browns team that plays better at home and I’m going with the Seahawks. Honestly, both teams are nonsensically bad… this is damn near a tossup. However, I’m digging the beating they put on the Giants with Beast Mode. I might be the only person out of his mind enough to pick the hawks but they shocked me shit-free with the road win over the Giants and they can do it again. I’m going to regret this pick.
Chargers @ Jets
Wrong time to be heading out East to play the Jets methinks. They’re coming off a recharging victory over a division rival on primetime and Rex is desperately trying to find that “x factor” pulse he had the last couple of years and was missing this year and might have found a trace of it. Starting LT is a smart move. The Chargers are coming off a bye (which has been bad to most teams this year with the new rest rules) and have beaten up on mostly bottom feeders. We learn a lot about San Diego this weekend, either way but I’m leaning with the Jets to grind out an ugly one at home.
Chiefs @ Raiders
Even if Palmer doesn’t suit up (unlikely from all indications), the Raiders will run the ball down KC’s throat at home and unless Boller commits a horrendous number of mistakes, they should win. I look forward to the Raiders continuing to dominate opponents in Special Teams, as well, even without Seabass out there although automatic-from-60 will be missed. Trust, if Boller is struggling too much and there’s a risk we might lose the game, Coach will plug Palmer in. Still, another sell out crowd at the O and a definite win for
Steelers @ Cardinals
The Steelers are moving backwards and doing so fast. Mendenhall is trying to retain his elite status, Big Ben is trying to stay healthy while some of their best players are getting old or too banged up to perform. Fortunately for them, the Cards suck.
Rams @ Cowboys
This pick was a Cowboys lock before I found out that Bradford wasn’t going to be able to go. I just hope you have Steven Jackson in your fantasy leagues (I know I do!)
Packers @ Vikings
The Pack just keeps rollin, rollin, rollin. There’s nearly no chance that the Vikings with Chris Ponder newly anointed under center are going to beat A Rod and the Pack. They just might run the table, anyway. Good luck, rook
Colts @ Saints
YAWN. This game, like the Sunday Night Game, was scheduled to be something it sadly will not be. The Colts have been playing tough for 2 quarters per game and the meltdowns are cost them their first win so far this year. This just isn’t the week to be expecting it.
Ravens @ Jags
This could have been a trap game with how tenacious the Jags have been this year even despite their punchless offense if it weren’t on Monday Night. B-more rarely loses those.

NFL Week 6 Picks!

Niners @ Lions
The Niners can be the team to end the run for Detroit. However, the Detroit pass rush is very talented and will harass Smith all day at home. While the Niners have a damned good defense in the front, their secondary leaves a lot to be desired. Expect Megatron to highlight that often.
Colts @ Bengals
I learned my lesson. I’m not picking the Colts to win anything again as they’ve managed to lose to the (other) worst teams in the NFL with freakishly frustrating 2nd half meltdowns. The Bengals are not one of the worst teams in the NFL (surprisingly enough, eh?) and should win this game handily with a solid rushing performance from Benson, enough offense from Dalton and a stifling defense.
Bills @ Giants
One of the games of the week. It has a 50% pick distribution in my pool and it’s easy to see why. The Bills are rolling and the Giants are coming off a game they should not have lost and going home. The Giants did not run the ball well last week and that’s one of their strengths. As McFadden and others have shown, the Bills can be run on. The boys from upstate are looking good this year but a letdown is imminent and I think it comes this week as the Giants balance out their play enough to make it happen.
Eagles @ Redskins
They’ve been burning me all year but I think the Eagles finally breakthrough. They’re under heavy fire, falling behind the pace in their division and look like the worst “dream team” ever. Vick and McCoy can will this team to victory but the defense must keep the Skins off the scoreboard (which isn’t too hard, really). It’s a tough game to call for Philly because of how they’ve played and how tough it is to play in the nation’s capitol but I’m going with my gut.
Jags @ Steelers
Don’t be fooled here. Sure, the Steelers are going to win the game at home but this won’t be a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. Sort of like the Bengals (but decidedly not as good), the Jags have surprised everyone by not being as bad as expected because they stop the run very well. Mendenhall might not get it going but with the way Big Ben is playing, it might not matter. Gabbert is going to get dinged a few times, me thinks, too.
Rams @ Packers
I love Steven Jackson but claiming the Rams are going to march into Lambeau after stinking up the whole season up to this point and win is a bit much. A-Rod needs to literally stay at home today and they’d still not have a chance. There are teams that can go into Lambeau right now and maybe beat the Pack but the Rams are not that team.
Panthers @ Falcons
I’m going with the Panthers. Cam Newton has kept them close all year long and that was good for a lot of big winnings if you’re betting the line seeing as how the Panthers are a weekly cover with Newton under center. This weekend, that won’t matter because the Panthers are going to go into the A and win it outright. The Falcons are overrated, slipping in the division and have a very weak secondary. Cam is from Atlanta, has shredded nearly every secondary he’s faced, is only getting better and they’re due. Hmm
Texans @ Ravens
One of the tougher calls this weekend, I’m going with the favorite anyway. The Ravens are coming off a bye and have had plenty of time to prepare for the hobbled Texans. Losing Mario Williams for the year is going to hurt a lot but they might very well still win the division on one leg. That won’t help this weekend. Ravens have too many weapons, are too well prepared and have a much better defense than last week’s Raiders. Oh yeah and they’re in B-more.
Browns @ Raiders
The Raiders are coming off of one of the most dramatic, emotional finishes in their own history if not up there with some of the best ever. They’ll need all 11 defensive players against Colt McCoy who loves to chuck the rock. That said, there won’t be much of a letdown this week for the Raiders with what could have been a trap game had the front office not offered two free tickets to every season ticket holder to ensure that the place was sold out for their Al Davis memorial. And it worked because it is. That’s going to keep the momentum going for the Raiders and make it very tough for the Browns to operate especially when they unwrap their brand new toy, Aaron Curry on some tough defensive looks. That and McFadden will run through the Browns weak defense. There’s no question about it, the autumn wind is starting to turn into the cold gale
Cowboys @ Patriots
They’re calling it America’s game! Whaddya know. A lot is being made of how well prepared for Brady the Cowboys are coming off the bye and with Rob Ryan’s expertise on frustrating and limiting the Pats offense on board. Well, that is fine and dandy, really… but the Patriots are tough at home, Belichick prepares for you better than anyone in the game and… Brady is unstoppable when he gets going (and he’s going) and Romo is Romo and that means that he can implode at any given moment and there’s utterly no way to predict when, where, how, or why. Demarcus Ware may very well be the difference in this game but I’m not holding my breath.
Saints @ Bucs
After the dismal performance against the Niners last week, I can’t pick the Bucs. Certainly not against the Saints who have quietly been one of the elite teams in the NFL this year (again). Brees will be as efficient if not more so against the Bucs secondary and put up another big day of points on a defense that’s slipping away.
Vikings @ Bears
Though the Vikes are coming off their first win and are finally starting to show some balance, they run into a rough situation in Chicago with a jilted Bears team looking to rebound. They lost to the Lions effectively putting them in a bad position in the division 3 games back of two teams they’ve already lost to and the blame is entirely theirs (and their offensive line’s). Cutler can’t look any better than he did last Monday. Truthfully, the Vikings can still get after the QB so it might be another long day for Cutler and the Bears but I think they run the ball at Minnesota, pass it effectively enough to outscore the Vikings who will find the Bears D too much to overcome.
Dolphins @ Jets
Might be the most boring Monday Night game this year. The Jets haven’t looked exciting on Offense in over a year and the Phins just lost their QB. Moore to Marshall is a wild card, sometimes we never know what can come out of these sorts of changes but if anything I know about Moore comes to fruition, the Jets’ defense will win this game. And that means we’re done here. My points total for this game (the pool tiebreaker) is 43 which is basically the line in Vegas. Pray for me, chillun’

NFL Week 5 Picks!

Eagles @ Bills
I’m sure this is the redemption game Michael Vick and the Eagles are looking for right now. The Bills are obviously one of the tougher teams in the league in the young season but they’ve been exposed for having a vulnerable defense and a moody offense when pressured something that doesn’t add up particularly well against an Eagles team that isn’t playing like complete shit. I have a feeling the Eagles get it together this week and win on the road.
Titans @ Steelers
The Titans are the trendy pick to upset the Steelers and they certainly can with their surprising offense thanks to Hasselbeck’s resurrection and a stout defense. Still, the Steelers are tough at home and the defense might grind the surprising Titans to a halt. Arian Foster showed that they can be run on but Chris Johnson has not looked as explosive as Foster did last week so unless he does show up, it’ll be a wrap for the home team.
Chiefs @ Colts
Colts were very close to winning on the road against fairly decent Bucs team on Monday night. They’ve given better teams fits but have come up empty in four tries. The Chiefs finally broke through last week but it was flukey and it was at home. The Colts are going to come out with a more comfortable offensive game and outlast the Chiefs at home. They’re due.
Cardinals @ Vikings
The Cards are a one dimensional team that throws the ball better than they do anything else. The Vikings are a one dimensional team that runs the ball better than it does anything else. But the Vikings are at home. Therefore they win. Yawn.
Raiders @ Texans
I was already picking the Raiders in this game. Partly because they are primed to bounce back from a whippin’ by the Patriots that put everything back into perspective for them and partly because I’m a homer and I love my team. That was before Al Davis died this weekend. There are events that galvanize teams and define them and there are events that break them down. I do believe this is the former variety and the emotions are going to turn this team into the bully it needs to be in order to take down the very tough Texans in their home building. Count it.
Saints @ Panthers
Cam will keep it close and interesting at times but the Saints are quietly looking like the favorites to challenge the Pack for the NFC. Or maybe not so quietly. I don’t know, they’re going to win here on the road.
Bengals @ Jags
The Jags are now showing their true growing pains and the Bengals are continuing to be a surprising team with excellent defense and a young but surprisingly not bad offense. The Bengals are simply going to smother the Jags enough to win.
Seahawks @ Giants
Every season, there’s a team that keeps winning and you have a hard time figuring how they’re doing it because they simply don’t look the part. That’s often the Giants (like their Super Bowl year?), strangely enough, but they’re looking like that again. The Seahawks on the other hand? Awful. What a mess you got there, Pete.
Bucs @ Niners
I don’t know about this one. Tampa is a better team, I think and should normally be the favorite here but the Niners, like the Giants, seem to find ways to win. And they keep doing it. We finally see some life out of Gore and Vernon Davis is starting to get involved in the offense. Crabtree might breakout at any moment. The defense is, though shaky in the secondary, can turn the corner at any moment. Somehow they keep winning and Alex Smith is getting more confident. Maybe they’re for real, who knows.
Jets @ Pats
The Jets love to play their rival Pats and play them tough but the Pats have shown an incredibly level of tenacious discipline to coach Belichick’s gameplanning and it has paid off with a pretty good record out the gate in the first quarter of the season. The Jets on the other hand, even defensively, have looked questionable. Not good when Brady and Welker are probably the best QB/WR combo out there.
Chargers @ Broncos
The Chargers are not as good as they have been in recent years but they’re still good enough to beat a team as feeble as the Broncos. The Broncos will play them tough at home but ultimately, they’ll make too many mistakes (Orton will, I mean) and give it up near the end for another narrow defeat over a intensely overmatched opponent.
Packers @ Falcons
The Falcons will play valiantly and I’d like to have had more to say about them but they go toe to toe with the defending champs who look dialed in … like in the most nastiest of ways. Rodgers had 6 combined TDs last week. Has he, maybe, surpassed Brady as top dog in the league now? Pack will continue to roll.
Bears @ Lions
We’ll learn a lot about the Detroit Lions this Monday night. They will either establish themselves as the real deal with a primetime divisional win at home and set the early pace on the wild card (sorry but catching the Packers may be harder than winning the Super Bowl this year)… or they will come out limp and everyone will start doubting them and saying how they’re the same ol Lions and blah blah blah and who knows what the long term effects of that will be. The Bears are definitely the team to make it tough for them. They are still solid defensively, have some big play capability on offense and love to show up for these primetime games with rivals. Still, the Lions get to unwrap their brand new toy Nick Fairley who hasn’t had a chance to play yet and splatter some Megatron all over the Bears secondary. I’m calling the 5-0, yo.

Thoughts on Al Davis

Some jeered but many more lamented. Even more surprising, some of the lamentation came from fans of other teams, fans who had previously ridiculed the man.
The reaction to Al Davis’ death has revealed what had been ultimately wrong with much of the attacks on the old man all along. The barrage itself was nothing new; the Raiders were THE team to dislike since time immemorial (ahem… since Davis brought unity to the game of pro football, that is) and in recent years, a mockery for their record setting ineptitude was more than just trendy; it was even sensible. What was far more unfortunate, honestly, was that the negativity had infiltrated Raider Nation itself (perpetual failure will do that to even the most ardently loyal fan) and poisoned the franchise from within. This “poison” was often misappropriated as coming from Al Davis himself. This made him an even better target for the mockery.
And that was pretty much what the man wanted. 
Al Davis was undoubtedly the greatest villain the game of football ever had. And it wasn’t because Al Davis was a hack or a fail. It was because of the very fact that he was a badass, knew it and insisted on reminding everyone of it both on and off the field. Al Davis was the brazen Davy Crockett trailblazer with a brilliant football disposition that was so irrevocably self-confident, the old bastard was damned near comical in his twilight. 
I’m actually sad that he is gone. I feel as if I’ve lost a looney, senile grandpa that had been a real badass back in the day. As weird as he had been in recent years, there was no way to really hate the man. And I cannot imagine the world without Al Davis running the Raiders. Why?
That’s because Al Davis was a great owner. You’re probably thinking I’m nuts. Not just a great football man (which he most certainly was) but a great owner. What many fans of other teams tend to miss when they launch their offensives on Raider nation (to no avail, of course… like waves of orc maggots upon the rock that is Minas Tirith) is that for all of Al Davis’ failures as a General Manager in recent years, he still makes their respective team owners look really, really bad in a lot of other ways.
For one, Al Davis was fiercely loyal. He didn’t just own and run the Raiders; he LOVED the Raiders. Everything the man ever did was because he wanted the Raiders to be, without any equal, the very best of the best. The only other owner I can safely say that about is Jerry Jones and no wonder both are considered completely nuts. And this wasn’t some phony rich asshole preoccupied with his books to make sure all the bottom lines were met; Davis surrounded himself with people who were committed to winning and who would be committed to the Raiders and helping them win. I’m not sure if there’s a single franchise in any sport that has made an actual legacy of reclamation projects… that the franchise would come to be known as the place where discarded dogs go to bear their fangs and show what they’re made of. Davis placed his faith in people that were given up on and what that does for someone cannot be measured if they also have legitimate GAME to go with it.  
Better yet, he kept them around him, offered them jobs after their playing days were over and showed the same loyalty to them that he did to the Raider seal. While other owners were cutting their stars loose when they started aging because the “game is a business,” Davis realized that the business aspect of the game was just as important OFF the field and revolutionized competitive media and marketing negotiation building a massive, global fanbase for what was and remains a small-market team. The criticism he receives for having moved to LA and back to Oakland is usually put forth by those who don’t actually know a thing about the situation. He knew he was being stonewalled by the City of Oakland for a new stadium (look at the dilapidated Coliseum and how gunshy the A’s are about relocation… what a contrast in ownership, huh?) and kept to his guns when he threatened he’d leave. He did. Los Angeles lied to him and so he moved back to where the team belonged. No controversy here, folks. He simply stayed true to his principles.
Al Davis was also a brilliant football mind. His interviews were football examinations. Bill Belichick, considered by most to be the best coach of the last decade, was blown away by Davis’ unrivaled attention to the X’s and O’s in his interview for the job eventually taken by Jon Gruden. Davis challenged Belichick’s knowledge of the game and while he was ultimately impressed, he went with someone he was even more impressed with. In the capacity of a GM, he was at a time one of the most innovating personnel evaluators. Strangely enough, that very strength would eventually become his greatest weakness in his older age as the league changed and his stubborn allegiance to the game he knew did not evolve with him.
Thirdly, Al Davis enjoyed every second of the Raider hate. It drove him. It pleased him. It’s what he wanted. He antagonized every opponent, every rival, every challenger to the point it was outright confrontational. He wasn’t out for friends; he was in the market for rings. Maybe that’s what the throng of Raider haters don’t get at all; you are being trolled by the ultimate Troll (he even, in his later years, resembled one lol). Davis helped shape a competitive league by being the menace that everyone loves to hate. He was loyal to HIS guys… he didn’t care about you or your guys. Why would he? Sure it’s worked for a super nice guy like Robert Kraft who is successfully comfortable on the total opposite end of the spectrum… but that’s all the more reason for Al Davis to exist.
Ultimately, where Davis failed the Raiders was specifically as a GM. What Davis should have done a long, long time ago was find it within himself to delegate those duties to someone younger, with a more contemporary feel for the modern game. That would have probably avoided half of the personnel mistakes of the past decade (chiefly Jamarcus Russell) and helped end the downtick of the rebuilding cycle sooner. Instead, he stuck with his guns (a good attribute turned rogue) and prolonged the worst stretch of Raider history into the worst in NFL history.
Do not be fooled by this failure, though. The Raiders, still under the imperial gaze of the man we called Coach Davis, have begun to come out of that hibernation with a wealth of young talent accumulated over the past few years that makes most other franchises blush.
The issue moving forward will be the quality of the ownership. The new ownership will have two major objectives to accomplish in order to make this thing happen. Firstly, ownership will have to be passionate and committed. This will not work with an investment-driven mindset. Owner must be a Raider fan for the Raider pulse and character to remain in tact. Secondly, new ownership must be ready and support hiring a GM and nurturing that position. Otherwise, the Raiders would be even worse off than before as at least Al Davis was an owner willing to spend whatever it took.
I just hope that whoever moves to own the Raiders will at least have the dedication to the game, the love for the Silver n Black, the commitment to excellence and the unwavering tenacity to make sure everybody else in the league continues to hate the Raiders. Without that, the Raiders will become just another team like the rest of the goody good guys and we just can’t have that.